Italian Pocket Sandwiches


This could be described as a “pizza in a pocket” rather than just calling it a “pocket sandwich”. At least that is what it tasted like, especially after dipping it in the pizza sauce. You can read the recipe here. It is pretty self explanatory. The only thing I didn’t do was grill it. It seemed like a bad idea as I wasn’t sure how I would manage to keep all the stuff from oozing out and getting all over the grill. Plus, while I could have turned on the gas side of my grill, it seemed like a waste of time and energy. Instead, I added the ricotta cheese in the pan and let it melt/mix with the meat and then put the mozzarella cheese in just long enough for it to melt. I then just scopped it into the pita bread. 

It tasted really good. I might suggested putting some pizza sauce in the pocket rather than just dipping it as I think it was better with the sauce. The only trouble I had was with the bread itself. It wasn’t the easiest to get open and there were a couple of spots that tore. But overall, this was good.

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