Lamb Patties with Pistachio Tzatziki 


My wife found this recipe in a recent issue of Rachel Ray’s magazine. To save myself the trouble of re-typing it, I found it online. You can read the recipe here

Ultimately I think they turned out pretty well. I was a little skeptical on the Tzatziki as I wasn’t sure about the pistachio flavor. And, to be honest, I made both the patties and the Tzatziki on a Saturday morning. When I tasted the Tzatziki I wasn’t sure it was going to be good. But, I think the time it spent in the fridge after it was made helped the flavors. Why did I do it on a Saturday morning? Well, I had thawed the lamb a few days prior and was starting to worry about it going bad before I could make them so I just did it one morning. It was still a few days later when we ate them, but I felt a lot better on it. 

I made a few tweaks, nothing out of the ordinary for me. I used all dried herbs which meant that I cut back on the amounts. I also ended up skipping the mint. It slipped my mind when I was making a list that I needed it and it was too late to get some when I finally got around to making the Tzatziki. And the cucumber was a regular cucumber. I still peeled and shredded it, using the small holes of a cheese shredder. Not having the mint changed the flavor, obviously, but it still worked out. 

In the end I would say that this was a decent dish. Nothing overly special but not a bad meal. 

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