Baked Risotto with Bacon and Peas


Finishing up the last of the recipes from Mother’s Day, we have a baked risotto. I was looking for a somewhat simple side and had a package of risotto in the cupboard. Knowing that risotto can be time consuming and not so simple in my opinion, I wanted to find a baked version. I had made one before that I thought about making again but really wanted something different. A quick internet search led be to this recipe for a baked risotto with bacon and peas. I think I was sold at “bacon”. 

As we were having about 11 people over, I chose to double this recipe. In the end it wasn’t necessary at all to do that as we had a lot leftover. However, that let us share the leftovers with those that were there as everyone really liked the dish. 

I only made two adjustments with the recipe. The store was out of fresh basil (at least I couldn’t find it) but they did have this tube of fresh, organic basil paste. It is supposed to be used in a one to one ratio (one tablespoon of fresh basil = one tablespoon of the paste). I bought it to try it. I didn’t measure it out but it looked to be about a half a cup in the tube. Which means that although I doubled the recipe, I ended up not doubling the amount of basil. But it still worked. 

I also decided to use a whole stick of butter. It calls for two or three tablespoons of butter. In doubling it, I was going to go with six tablespoons and then decided to use the whole stick. It was already a little thicker than I expected it to have been so I figured another couple of tablespoons of butter would be ok. 

That was the only thing I wasn’t happy with about this dish, the thickness of it, but it really didn’t make that big of a deal. It was still a very good dish. It did take a little longer than expected to make but at the point I was at with the leg of lamb taking too long (see previous post) it really didn’t matter. It all got done about the same time. 

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