Sausage and Spinach Frittata

Recently we had what felt like a preponderance of eggs and I really needed to use up some before they started going bad. I had one plan in mind before I came across this recipe from Alton Brown for a frittata. Since it used a few more eggs than I had planned on using I decided that this was a better option. Plus, having not made a frittata before, I wanted to give it a try. 

I was very pleased with it, especially when it came out of the pan as easily as it did. I was worried about that as I was using a cast iron skillet rather than the saute pan he said to use. Plus, I have a history of getting eggs stuck to the bottom of the cast iron skillets, no matter what I seem to do.

I also thought it tasted pretty good. I chose to use sausage along with some spinach we had laying around. As such I skipped the parsley. I cooked and crumbled two sausage patties (which was a little less than a half pound of meat). I then used another pan to go through the process of getting the butter melted and sauted the crumbled sausage with the spinach (a decently handful) before pouring the eggs in. I almost left the pan in the broiler too long as you can see in the picture it is nice and brown. Some of the spinach got a little over done but that was easy to just pull out. 

I like how he describes it as an “egg pizza”, meaning that you can put lots of different combinations into the base mix of the eggs. Definitely something to keep in mind for the future. This is a nice departure from a typical egg casserole while still doing pretty much the same thing. 

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