Sweet and Sour Pork with Basmati Rice


While we are a fan of Chinese food, we always get the same thing, from the same restaurant. Pretty boring, although we all like it. That’s not to say that we don’t go other places or eat other food just that our go to is the same old, same old. Which is why when I found this recipe I thought it might be a good idea to branch out a bit. Plus, it sounded good. 

You can read the original recipe here. I made some changes which probably changed the whole “clean eating” idea plus some other changes. 

From the clean eating aspect, I didn’t use the two types of sweetener they said to use. I did some research and decided to just go with two tablespoons of white granulated sugar and three tablespoons of light brown sugar. Honestly, the change I made was due to the fact that I had that stuff on hand and didn’t want to spend the time finding the other stuff and then have a lot of it leftover. I think the change worked fine. 

I chose to use the entire six ounce can of tomato paste, which was more that it called for. According to the can, there were ten tablespoons in there and I only needed three. But, I didn’t want to waste the rest of the can. That obviously changed the makeup of the dish but I felt like it still tasted like it should. 

I also chose to use the entire package of pork tenderloin which was just shy of two and a half pounds rather than one and a half. It worked just fine, we just had more of it. 

I let everything cook for about five hours total (adding the peppers and pine able in the half hour before it was all done). Part of that reason was due to the fact that I had gotten it started late and wanted to still have it done for our normal dinner time but also that five hours was more than enough time. In fact, by the time it was all done anyway, the pork was tender enough that it was becoming shredded pork rather than peices of pork. Which was fine. 

I chose to serve it over rice, specifically the basmati rice as we have this gigantic bag of it and we need to use it up. The rice is not a quick cooking rice as it takes about 15-20 minutes but is still a good rice. You can certainly use any rice (or noodle) you want. 

All in all this was a pretty good recipe and fairly low effort as the crockpot does the bulk of the work. 

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