Whole Wheat Pretzel Bites

The last time I tried to make pretzels it didn’t work out so well. So I admit that when I found this recipe for pretzel bites, I was a little hesitant. But then I thought that one of my original problems had been that ultimately the pretzels had gotten too big and unwieldy that they just didn’t work well. But these were “bites” – intentionally smaller pieces. That gave me some extra courage to give this one a try. 

Unfortunately, I ran into a problem before I even got started. And that was I realized that I did not have enough all-purpose flour to make all the recipes I was working on that morning. And going to the store wasn’t a option as my plans didn’t allow for it. So, I measured out half of the flour needed for each recipe and found that I had just enough to do that. The other half of the flour I needed came from my container of whole wheat flour. Crisis averted, assuming that the recipe still worked as well with the whole wheat. 

Luckily, it did. I remember trying one after they had cooled a bit and my first thought was “well, it tastes like a pretzel”. Whew. 

One thing about this recipe that I preferred over the other one was that for this one I had to soak them in a cooled mixture of baking soda and water, rather than in a mix that was boiling. I just felt that it was a lot simpler to do that. Other than the fact that I used some whole wheat flour I didn’t change anything about this recipe other than I didn’t roll them in melted butter after they were done baking. Two reasons really, the first was that I had to run out the door as soon as they came out of the oven and, since I was making these in the morning for something at night, it seemed like it wasn’t a good idea to do that if they would just sit all day.  And they did get a little flat on the side that was touching the pan (as you can see in the picture). Not a big issue but something to be aware of if you are looking for more of that rounded bite. 

So, all in all a pretty successful endeavor I believe. I might have to keep this recipe on hand for future party needs. Maybe then I’ll be able to make it the “right” way. 

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