Creamy Chili-Lime Corn

What do you do on the first nice day of spring where it is finally warm enough to grill (without having to shovel the deck at least)? Well, you, um, grill but then you also look for side dishes that remind you of spring/summer to start getting you in the mood for warmer weather. 

This is one such dish. You can read the recipe here. The yogurt/lime/cilantro mixture paired very well with the chili powder to even it out and not make it overly spicy. As the recipe states it does remind me of some different ways to prepare corn on the cob, including making it with parmesan cheese. Speaking of the parmesan cheese, it turned out that we were out of it (oops). Luckily we had a few (five) packets of cheese from a pizza place. I used all of them which may have been about the right amount. Regardless, it didn’t leave any for sprinkling on top. But it still turned out fine. 

It was a very simple dish to put together. Using the frozen corn helps in that respect.  No need to get corn on the cob and cut it off or anything like that. 

Highly recommend making this and I’ll be keeping it in mind for future pairings over the summer. 

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