Spaetzle with Gruyere and Caramelized Onions

I’ve had this recipe saved for I don’t remember how long (but way too long) and finally made a commitment to make it. It was another one of those recipes that was interesting enough to catch my eye, plus I thought “who doesn’t like a good spaetzle? (Says the guy who probably has had some along the way but can’t actually remember a time when he had it). But all that being said, I’m glad I did save the recipe and glad that I finally made myself make it. 

In the end it turned out really well. The Gruyere and onions really help set off the flavors (honestly, those are the main flavors) in the dish and makes it so it isn’t just a plain pasta-type dish. Although it isn’t really pasta, technically it is a dumpling. However, as good as it was, this falls slightly into the category of something that may not be worth the effort to make again. Which is unfortunate. 

There was a lot of effort involved in getting the batter pushed through the holes of the strainer. Definitely not as easy as the recipe made it sound. Part of that may have been the fact that I had to turn my strainer on its side to push it through the larger holes in the strainer (which made holding it awkward). And my six year old sous chef kept losing interest and wasn’t too keen on holding the strainer over the hot water so it got a little more complicated. And that’s not counting the time to make the batter and let it sit in the fridge. When I finally made a plan to cross this recipe off of the list, I chose to do it on a Sunday for dinner which meant I could make the batter in the morning. That also worked out as it needs four egg yolks, which leaves you with egg whites that need a home. Hello scrambled eggs for breakfast. 

That’s not to say that it isn’t worth the effort, at least once. It just took a little longer than anticipated to get the batter through the holes and cooked properly. The only other downside, which isn’t really a downside, is that this makes a 9×13 pan which is kind of a lot for just the four of us. Sure,that means plenty for leftovers but you don’t want to be eating it forever. There is probably a way to make it and then freeze some (before baking it). Maybe next time. 

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