Chocolate Scotcheroos

Making this recipe was more about trying to use up some things in the house (the box of cornflakes) than it was about anything else. Granted I did need to go out buy some butterscotch chips, which I now have a partial bag of, but the recipe served its purpose. Most of the rest of the box of cornflakes is now gone. 

As for the recipe itself, well, there isn’t really a whole lot to say about it. It is a fantastic recipe. Chocolate, peanut butter, sugar – all combined to make a great dessert. So great, that you forget that somewhere in there are some cornflakes which have some health benefit. Which is negated by all the rest of the stuff, but that is beside the point. Oh, and a lot of recipes say that you should use Rice Krispies (including this one) but others say cornflakes (as these are sometimes called “Special K” bars – they type of cereal). I think it works easily as well with either. 

Bottomline, if you like chocolate and peanut butter (and can eat both) this is a recipe to make. 

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