Bacon Cheeseburger Crockpot Dip

This was another recipe I made for a party recently. I tried taking a picture of it the same as the original post but it didn’t quite work out. Frankly, while this was a good dip, it was kind of uninspiring when it came to taking a picture of it. 

The only change I made to this was the can of tomatoes did not have green chilies in them. I thought one of the cans I had was in fact the right kind but once I emptied the cupboard looking for it, I realized that I didn’t have one. But it turned out just fine. 

As I mentioned about this being uninspiring from a picture standpoint, I have to be honest that while this was a good dip (it has bacon and cheese after all) it was a little uninspiring overall. Just no “wow” factor with it.

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