Apple Pie Shake


Quick confession – the real reason why I made an apple pie a little while ago is that I wanted to make this shake. Not that having apple pie around just to eat is a bad thing but I was on a mission. This was a recipe shared by Alton Brown on Facebook and it just sounded like a great thing to make. You can see the recipe in the picture below but it is fairly simple with pie, ice cream and some juice or cider. It calls for cider but instead of going out and buying cider I just used the apple juice that we had on hand. 

The shake was really good although it was a little on the liquidy side. It might have been the use of apple juice instead of the cider or just how the other portions worked out. It was very drinkable but there were still chunks of the the pie which made it difficult to just drink. You still had to stop and chew a little bit every so often. 

Definitely takes the concept of apple pie a la mode one step further. Highly recommend giving it a try. 


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