Crockpot Moroccan Chicken

I wholeheartedly agree with this blog post where I got the recipe (technically my sister-in-law shared it with me) that chicken is chicken and can often (many times) be boring. I remember eating a lot of chicken growing up and getting tired of it. So much so that for the longest time I really didn’t want to eat chicken. But I’ve gotten over that and have made my fair share of chicken dishes. But as I said, a lot of the time you do need to find new/different ways to make it. Because it can be boring. 

One of the benefits of this recipe is that it is for the crockpot although I still felt like I needed to make it on the weekend. I keep running to to the issue where although it is a meal in the crockpot (set it and forget it) the time it takes to cook is always shorter than the time any of us will be gone for the day with work. That has resulted in some less than desirable results. 

I did pretty much follow the directions on this one. I did take the skin off of the chicken. It doesn’t say to leave it on or take it off but 90% of the time when I’m messing around with chicken, I usually take the skin off. I seared my chicken pieces (although I chose to use two legs and two thighs) and then sautéed the onions with the spices. I did chose to use carrots over the sweet potatoes, mostly because I had carrots on hand that needed to be used up. I did add the carrots and apricots after three hours of cooking. 

But then I changed it a little bit. After about one and a half to two hours of the second three hour cycle, I checked it and decided it was done. At that point, since the chicken was falling off the bone I took everything out of the crockpot, took all the bones out and shredded the chicken. Then I put everything back in and let it go for a few more minutes before turning the crockpot to warm. 

For a serving option, especially since I had shredded the chicken, I chose to make some rice and serve it over the rice. I know in the original blog post it shows the whole pieces of chicken but I’m not really sure how they managed that as the chicken was falling apart on me. 

Anyway – this was a pretty good meal. It was a nice blend of spices and certainly a different take on chicken. I recommend trying it. 

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