Honey Wheat Bread, Take 3


Typically, if I make something more than once I don’t post about it unless I have made some changes, improvements, etc. to the recipe. After posting about this bread twice (read the second post here) I hadn’t planned on posting anymore.

And then fate intervened and I wound up having to leave the bread sit (and rise) for longer than I planned. I over estimated my ability to make multiple things that required the oven (I really need two ovens) and as a result, the bread sat and rose in the pan.

The end result? A much better bread than I had made the first two times. At least in my opinion. And, a realization that I had been rushing it before and should have let it rise like this to begin with.

Here is the problem – at times I can be a little impatient. The recipe for the bread does say to let it rise to about an once above the pans. Well, the last two times I’ve made the bread, I’ve let it rise for about an hour before deciding that I’ll just bake it anyways. The bread had not risen anywhere close to an inch above the pan.

Now, I can remember exactly how long this rose but it finally had a chance to get to where it was supposed to. Back to the end result –

The loaf was larger (novel concept I know, letting it rise longer).
It wasn’t quite as dense.
It had a little bit of an actual crust – it looked like it was a piece of bread.

So there you go. Lesson learned. I will definitely let the bread rise again like this.

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