Giant Cinnamon Roll Skillet


Upside – this was awesome
Downside – due to the time it took for rising, etc. I was up and starting the dough at 4:30 am

But, who can resist a a giant cinnamon roll?

I’ve been told that I can start dough at night and let it rise in the fridge but I feel like I tried that and it didn’t work so well. But maybe I should try it again. It is really ridiculous to get up that early to make these types of things. Granted, I’m up that early most days but this was a weekend and sleeping even a little would be nice.

Anyways. This turned out really well. Basically all you are doing, instead of creating many small rolls, is creating a large roll in the skillet. You roll up some of the strips and then wrap the rest around.

A couple of points –

The dough worked out really well. It rolled out well although I may not have gotten it in the exact right shape. Some of my final strips were fairly small.

There was a lot of the brown sugar/cinnamon mixture. So much in fact that most of it fell off as I tried to roll the strips up (or move to the pan to wrap around) which caused me to scoop it up and sprinkle it on top. Not quite the same but it worked. I think if you spread a little butter on the dough before cutting it, it would stick better. Also, I’m not sure if the fact that it was brown sugar over white sugar made a difference or not.

And speaking of wrapping it in the pan. Not the easiest thing. Mine got a little high in the center somehow. (operator error in rolling it up most likely). Wrapping the other pieces was more like draping them around the center piece.

It was supposed to rise enough to fill the pan which didn’t happen. I don’t know if it ever would have no matter how long it sat there. Part of that may have been due to the fact that it was high in the center.

For the icing, the way it mixed up was pretty thin and when I poured it on (the hot cinnamon roll mind you) it all spread to the edges and down to the bottom. Not much left on top. It also hadn’t made that much so I did it again. Same result. So I made two more batches (yes, a total of 4x the amount called for) making these a little thicker so it would spread and stay on top. Worked pretty well that time. Now, don’t get me wrong, I think having icing that ran down the edges worked overall (more icing!) but it left something to be desired on the top.

Speaking of the top, as it was a little higher on the middle, some of it was getting fairly crispy at the end of the 25 or so minutes it was in the oven. Then you find out that the middle is still raw/uncooked. Not really an issue as a cinnamon roll that is a little doughy is still a great cinnamon roll but it didn’t cook evenly.

Definitely something to do again. The trick in the future might be trying to get it out of the pan to put on a plate. That may make icing it easier and allow for an easier way to transport it if you wanted to take it somewhere.

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