Lamb Biryani


I’m not quite sure how I came across this recipe but having a freezer full of lamb (among other things) lends itself to be able to make a wide variety of recipes. So I saved it.

I should also point out that I didn’t necessarily make this myself. My six year old really wanted to help so after getting most of the stuff set up (mise en place is your friend) she did the stirring and pouring into the pan. Up until the end when the pan got really full and a little unwieldy.

Overall I think this turned out pretty well. If you got a bite of everything at once it was really good. The rice by itself wasn’t bad but it was lacking something.

I did buy the correct rice – basmati. Although I had to buy a 10 pound bag of it. Not too happy with that but it is just rice. Very usable for any other recipe, it is just not “minute” rice. But, I did come in a burlap bag with a zipper which is kind of cool. Probably a use for that when it is empty.

The only things I did different were to skip the cayenne and I used sliced almonds in place of the cashews. For the lamb, I pulled a package out that was marked as kabob meat and cut it down from there.

The only downside was that all the liquid hadn’t soaked up by the time it was supposed to be done, and even a little after. We scooped it out with a slotted spoon as it didn’t seem like a dish that needed a lot of liquid sitting in the bowl. By the time we finished, what was left in the pan had soaked up some more of the liquid. Maybe we just needed to let it sit.

I’d recommend this if your interested in a lamb dish. Very good flavor.

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