American Goulash


A few weeks ago I randomly thought about making goulash. Goulash is another one of those meals I remember from childhood, somewhat fondly. I don’t mean that to sound bad but there isn’t anything that I remember about eating it that I thought it was great. And, by the same token, there isn’t anything that I remember about eating it that I thought was bad.

So I decided to make it and turned to the Internet to find a recipe. I wasn’t necessarily trying to find one just like what I had in the past but something that sounded close. If I had wanted to find something from my past I probably need to look at one of the various church cookbooks I have on the shelf. Which I still might do. This was a very good recipe, very tasty. But I may try my hand at another one.

I did find it interesting that they called this “American” goulash which means I may need to find another recipe that isn’t “American” (Hungarian goulash comes to mind) to try out as well. I don’t think there would be any complaints from the family on that.

The only thing I will point out is that this makes a lot. A whole pound of macaroni, two pounds of ground beef…..there was a lot. I know it says it feeds six and we had four (which was more like three) but there was a lot left over. Lots of pressure to eat it before it went bad in the fridge.

But overall it was a great meal, one I would probably make again, just a smaller quantity.

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