Sherry Braised Beef Short Ribs


Never try to make a recipe that says it takes 3+ hours on a weeknight. Unless you can start mid-afternoon. I had intended to make this on a Sunday as that gave me plenty of time but it didn’t work out. So i made it on a Tuesday, or rather, part of it on a Tuesday. In the end this was a dish made over two days and frankly, I think it worked much better that way.

Why am I trying to make short ribs? Well, we’ve got a few packs left in the freezer and it felt like time to use up some. I settled on this recipe out of the plethora of ones I found. Why this one? Beats me. It sounded good and I think I had most ingredients on hand. Which makes things easier.

On Tuesday I made the ribs, going through the whole process (right around 3 hours total) of browning, simmering, braising and then getting the ribs out and the sauce reduced. The next day, since everything was cold I sliced the ribs fairly thin/small and reheated them on the stove with the reduced sauce. And then put it over mashed potatoes (real mashed potatoes by the way).

It was fantastic. One of the better meals that I’ve made I think. And, I really think part of it was how I ultimately combined everything the second day.

Other than what I’ve stated, I didn’t make any changes to the recipe, just took the time to get it all done. I trimmed the rib of the fat after they were all done cooking which I think helped with the overall flavor. If you didn’t know fat = flavor. :o) I also choose to save part of the reduced sauce. I should have saved all of it but I was making decisions based on which container I had gotten out even though I had larger ones available. Actually I estimated how much was left and got a container out. Should have switched but I didn’t. There wasn’t much sauce that went down the drain. I started by scooping out all the bacon and onions and the pouring enough liquid to fill the 2 cup container.

I had considered letting the ribs braise longer than the 2 hours as I couldn’t decide if they were “done enough” but I really didn’t want to let it go any longer. In the end, they were fine. They cut apart the next day very easily and once warmed up were very tender.

Highly recommend this recipe.

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One Response to Sherry Braised Beef Short Ribs

  1. RebeccaHunter says:

    I love short ribs! But it feels like forever as you are cooking them, you’re right! I made a red wine braised short rib check it out!

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