Taco Seasoning, Take 2


Quite awhile ago (over a year to be exact) I went to make my own taco seasoning. You can read that post here. Not much to recap other than to say that I didn’t have all the spices it called for so I tweaked it. And while I liked it,not was too spicy for the rest.

So we went back to buying it from the store, alternating with the random packages you can buy at the grocery store to other brands you buy from people. A week ago or so I decided I would just make my own (forgetting I had attempted it before) and went in search of a recipe. Then I remembered that I had done this before (something along the lines of – I can’t believe I haven’t done this before, let me check) and I realized I had.

So I went back to the original recipe which you can read here. This time I had everything and didn’t tweak it (well, I left out the cayenne pepper) and it turned out MUCH better. Pretty darn good actually. It does make the meat darker than you might normally have with other types of seasonings which made it look like it might be spicy (my wife’s comment) but it wasn’t.

So now that I’ve done this again – the right way – I may start doing it all the time.

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