Crispy Baked “Fried” Chicken


After making this I think I have decided that while I really enjoy fried chicken, what I really enjoy is the fried skin. I know that might sound a little odd (or not) but when it comes right down to it no matter what spices, breading, mixtures, etc. you use, once the skin is gone it is just a piece of chicken. Plain old chicken. A little boring even. Which is also why I prefer the smaller pieces – the chicken to skin ratio is better.

That’s what happens here. While searching for some “different” chicken recipes to help use up the 10 pound bag of chicken leg quarters I found buried in the deep freeze I found this one. Sounded good, looked good and in the end it was good but, we had the problem as outline above. Once the skins was off, it was just another piece of chicken.

As for making it, it was a little labor intensive. Quite a few things to get ready to put it together and then there was actually putting it together. As you can see from the picture, I used four (larger) leg/thigh chicken quarters rather than a mixture of pieces. It worked fine from a cooking (and eating) point of view it was a little big to get everything dipped and set. I found myself having to use my hands, more than I already was, to make sure everything was covered. Which made a larger mess. I also wound up making 1 1/2 times to called for buttermilk mixture along with an extra cup of crushed cornflakes. Maybe it was how much wound up on my hands or the fact that the pieces were bigger and harder to handle but I needed some more.

As for cooking, it was pretty spot on. I was using a meat thermometer and it reached the “ideal” chicken temp a few minutes after the suggested cooking times. Note – I used the higher of the two suggested cooking times, knowing that it might take longer. Had I not, I might be sitting here complaining on how it took a lot longer than stated.

For taste, although there was a little bit of a distinct cornflake taste (it was cornflakes) it was pretty good. The mixture with the sage and paprika gave it a different taste.

The downside? Well, same problem I’ve had before with cooking things up on a rack – the bottom, while cooked, was not crispy at all. It was one big soft mess of skin and cornflakes. Not very appetizing.

In the end though, I’d call this a success. It turned out well and I even managed to do it all on a weeknight. I just might not do it again.

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