Beef and Snow Pea Stir Fry


I found the inspiration for this dish from this blog post. I say inspiration as I feel that I made enough tweaks that it isn’t really that recipe. But it is close and the steps followed were the same.

This turned out really well. It had a great flavor and the crunch of the peas added a nice touch. Both girls liked it, even telling me how great it was if you ate some of all of it (meat, peas and rice) in one bite. It was cute and kind of amusing.

For changes, I used a sirloin steak in place of the flank steak. I did happen to have a flank steak in the freezer but that is from the 1/4 cow we just got and we still have some beef left from the 1/2 cow we got last year. Which means I felt the need to use some of the older cow first. I didn’t weigh the steak so I don’t know how close it comes to being 1 1/2 pounds as the recipe calls for but I felt that it was enough. I also found out that we didn’t have any soy sauce so I substituted sesame seed oil. I think that it worked really well. It kept the flavor and spin of the dish in the same family.

I also didn’t weigh out the snow peas when I bought them, instead just getting two decent sized handfuls. The overall amount I used was fine but next time I would look to cut them in half as they seemed a bit big in the pan. I skipped the crushed red pepper, as usual, and used 1 1/2 teaspoons of ground ginger in place of the 1 tablespoon of fresh ginger it called for.

Other than that, I followed the directions in the post on the steps to make it. I added some toasted sesame seeds at the end for a little garnish. Mostly because I found them in the cupboard. I paired it with plain brown rice.

Very good meal.

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