Apricot and White Chocolate Scones


I always make a recipe assuming that it will be good. Otherwise, why would I make it? Occasionally a recipe turns out to be not so good and other times the recipe turned out to be a little (or a lot) better than expected. This turned out to be the latter. I wouldn’t describe it as “over the top good” but it was good. The apricot and white chocolate worked very well together. It was even as good the next day eating one that was leftover. Check out the recipe here.

Also, I am continually thankful that I got my pastry blender for Christmas. Without it, this would have been a lot more difficult to make.

I did run into one problem and that is it took longer to bake than the recipe stated. Now, while that in and of itself isn’t really an issue, it was more of the fact that after cutting the disk into wedges, it stated to not separate them. Well, not separating them makes it harder for the middle to bake. I wound up having to separate them and then bake them for another couple of minutes. Ultimately not a big deal but in the heat of the moment, it was a little frustrating.

In the end they didn’t look super perfect but as always, taste trumps presentation. This time, that was definitely the case.

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