Candy Cane Chocolate Bread


I was both happy and unhappy with how these turned out. When I found this recipe, I had the same thought as the person who originally posted it. I have all these leftover candy canes, I can use them here. That sort of worked. I actually didn’t open the package of candy canes I had bought this year, instead using some of the random ones we had accumulated over the holiday season.

The bread is good, don’t get me wrong but at the same time I think I frustrated myself over the fact that it made three loaves which meant that we then had to get rid of those three loaves. And that feeling stems from just having made sooooooo many desserts over the holiday season that I think I was on overload.

But I digress. The bread was good. I did make a few tweaks – mainly using a whole 5.3 ounce container of plain greek yogurt, using ‘sour milk’ rather than buttermilk and a mixture of semi-sweet and milk chocolate chips.

The only thing that i ended up being unhappy with was the fact that if you let the bread sit out (not in a fridge) the white chocolate and the candy canes would melt a little bit. It’s still edible but it starts to look bad.

Anyway, there isn’t anything wrong with the recipe, I just probably shouldn’t have made it at the time I did.

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