Evening in Kingston


Another large family gathering, another adult oriented drink. The first one, an Amaretto Bourbon Punch, turned out really well. This one, Evening in Kingston, did not.

Well, let’s put it this way. I didn’t like and many others didn’t either. A few did but only in the sense of needing to sip it rather than “drinking” it. As my brother pointed out, there wasn’t anything in it except the alcohol. Nothing to cut it.

From my perspective, the initial thought was that the sparkling wine (champagne) was the issue. I don’t mind champagne but sometimes it is a little much. But, later in the day I mixed some of it with 7-Up and it still didn’t taste all that great. It might have been the sweet vermouth that was throwing off the flavor. Then again, maybe it was the whole mixture. I don’t know. Either way, it didn’t work out. Most of it went down the drain.

Too bad.

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