Raspberry Almond Shortbread Thumbprints


Merry Christmas everyone! What do you do when you wake up earlier than the kids do on Christmas morning? Catch up on your blogging about Christmas cookies. :o)

We don’t really have many cookies that are traditional “Christmas cookies”. As with last year and this year, I’ve made a random assortment of cookies. I think the only mainstay is the peanut butter blossoms and some kind of sugar cookie. But these, Raspberry Almond Shortbread Thumbprints, might make the list of something to make every year. Not because of how good they are, although they taste fantastic, but the fact that my wife told me that these are her favorite cookie. Quick confession – we’ve been together almost 12 years and I’m not sure I knew that. Oops.

So I made them. They turned out okay. Once again I had issues with the cookies spreading out more than I would have liked. Which was exaggerated by the fact that the raspberry jam was already in the cookie and ran out on some of them. Still don’t know exactly what the problem was/is. I followed the directions exactly and the dough was cold. I even kept putting it back in the fridge between pans to keep it cold. Maybe I mixed it too much. I don’t know.

Anyways. Some of them turned out to be better than the others. I learned that you really can only put a tiny amount of the jam in each one. I think I learned that even if the recipe says it is okay for them to “crack” as you make the thumbprint, you might need to push it back together. And, as I sit here and think about it again, maybe my thumb was too big and I need to use a finger or someone else’s thumb. Actually that sounds like a great job for a kid. Wish I had though of that sooner.

But as I always say, taste trumps presentation so, these turned out just fine.

Merry Christmas!

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