Brunede Kartofler (Danish Caramelized Potatoes)


I had fully intended on making this recipe back when I made some of the other Danish dishes I made awhile back but I had ran out of time. So it hung around until I could find a suitable time to make it. Enter the other night. We had leftover pork loin and this was a good recipe to whip up to pair with the leftovers.

Overall I would say that it was okay. It calls for new potatoes, specifically those found in a can. Believe it or not, we had some cans of potatoes laying around. Occasionally my wife goes to the store and stockpiles canned goods and potatoes were some of what she has gotten. I’ve always wondered what to do with them. Now I know.

Putting it together was pretty simple although it took longer for the sugar to melt than I thought it was going to. And then the middle melted before the outside did and I was afraid it would start to burn so I just stirred it up and threw the butter in. I think I worked out fine. I did add a little bit of water but it actually seemed to have the opposite effect (it caused it to firm up rather than keeping it liquid) so I left it alone. I let the potatoes go until I figured they were warmed up, stirring occasionally.

The sauce did a good job of coating the potatoes without turning into a sticky mess. From a taste perspective they were okay. The girls never complained but I’ll admit there were a few times where I questioned the taste. I viewed that more from the standpoint of the canned potatoes than anything else.

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