Black Forest Chocolate Cookies


The Christmas cookie baking has begun! Well, sort of. These aren’t particularly “Christmas oriented” but I’m working on a wide variety of cookies for a cookies exchange and these are different. In fact, several cookies I’m making are a little different. You can read the recipe here.

These were good, but they take a tad bit of work. Mainly the aspect of having the refrigerate the dough overnight. That takes some planning based on when you can make the dough and when you might be able to make the cookies. My dough sat for about 24 hours before I had a chance to make them. And speaking of the need to refrigerate the dough, the recipe says that the dough will be “loose” and it will firm up in the fridge. Well, yes, but when I think if the term “loose” I’m thinking something along the lines of slightly wet and crumbly. But no, not these. The dough wasn’t so much a dough as it was a liquid. Not what I was expecting.

Once I went to make them the dough was really light and fluffy and pretty sticky. It was hard to get out of the bowl and on to the pans effectively. I wound up with two spoons and my mounds of cookie dough were all misshapen. They did bake up in 12 minutes, rotating the two pans halfway through. However, they did stick a little to the pans. It does say to use parchment paper but it didn’t. We have air bake pans and most of the time I don’t have any issues with the cookies. But these, I sure did. Of the first four pans, since I had worked ahead, I got maybe a third of the cookies off with out a problem. The rest crumbled, squished, etc. into a big pile. Lesson learned. The rest were made with the paper and I even let them cool completely on the paper before taking them off. That worked much better.

I didn’t make any changes or tweaks to this recipe although I will point out that I used 11 bars of Hershey’s Special Dark chocolate for the dark chocolate that you have to melt. And, I chose to melt the chocolate and butter in the microwave rather than in a double boiler setup. Worked out just fine.

As for the taste, they were pretty good. The cherries make it a different flavor and you you may not be quite expecting. And it does kind of taste like the cake they are modeled after. And I bet they are even better with some ice cream. I can’t wait to take a pile of the ones the crumbled, warm it up and add some vanilla ice cream.

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