Chocolate Chunk Muffins


When I came across this recipe, it described it as the perfect base for any muffin you wanted to make. I’m not quite sure about that as I’ve only made them once, with the chocolate as suggested, but they were pretty good. However, it was hard to actually taste the muffin part as there was a lot of chocolate. Maybe too much chocolate. Now, I know that isn’t really possible but when you took the wrapper off, it was mostly chocolate. It called for 2 1/4 cups of chopped chocolate (I used the same amount but used dark chocolate chips – 53% cacao) and you could have probably used half that and been fine.

The other issue is that it says it made 12 muffins, which it did but I actually had batter for more than 12. I should have made more rather than overfilling the cups. As a result, I had them spilling over. It did create a nice muffin top, so to speak, but I also noticed the chocolate sunk to the bottom which meant the top didn’t have any chocolate in it and there was extra chocolate in the bottom.

Bottom line, I think they were good but you need to cut back the amount of the add ins (chocolate, blueberries, peaches, etc.) and don’t overfill the cups.

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