Honey Wheat Bread


Following the idea of making all of our bread we need, I turned to this recipe which a friend of ours gave us. This is what they use to make their bread. They follow the recipe except they increase the amount of honey for a little sweeter bread.

This go around I made it exactly like the recipe stated. I’ll make it again with more honey but this time I wanted to get a feel for it as it was written. Interestingly enough, the recipe this came from, calls it ‘honey wheat bread II’ so they played with the recipe as well.

This turned out great. And although I’ve not tried many other bread recipes, this one may become the staple.

I didn’t have any real trouble making it. It didn’t specify how to combine all the ingredients so I chose to use my stand mixer with the dough hook attachment. It seemed appropriate. It was a little sketchy at the beginning as I didn’t feel like it was really mixing the honey and water together very well but it turned out in the end.

The loaf size is a little smaller than I would have liked. So far, with the two recipes I’ve made and some others I’ve read, they all make two smaller loaves. But, it seems like it is too much to put in one pan. But these were okay. It did seem as if they were a little too small for the pan. I let them rise for probably close to 30 minutes after putting them in the pan and they were not even close to being over the edges of the pan.

But, in the end, as I’ve always said, taste trumps presentation. Who cares what it looks like.

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