Danish Goulash


Getting back in to the swing of things, we are back to doing more cooking. This recipe is the last one I had saved related to Danish recipes. Although, while I am not doubting that it is Danish or at least has Danish origins it feels like the least Danish dish out of the ones I’ve made. Maybe that’s because it doesn’t have a fancy name.

But that is minor. For this one I did follow the recipe exactly. I used beef stew meat which turned out well although it wasn’t as tender as I would have liked it. I chose to use the full 4 cups of beef stock knowing that I could thicken it later. That was an ok decision. Part of it was based on not wanting to have some leftover but know I have a bunch of the gravy leftover (more mashed potatoes needed I guess). I did add an extra tablespoon of cornstarch at the end to try and thicken it a bit more. It sort of worked. I had to really stir it up with a whisk to get it to dissolve. It did thicken it a little bit but I would have liked a much thicker gravy.

For the cooking times, I let it cook for an hour before I put the carrots in and then it was about another half hour before I was ready. That wasn’t quite intentional, but I think the longer time worked well.

But in the end, taste matters and it tasted great. I made two pounds of mashed potatoes to go with it. Not quite enough when you consider the amount of beef mixture leftover (and gravy) but I think you could eat the beef mixture by itself. It is kind of like a stew. A good dish.

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