Ris a La Mande (Danish Rice Pudding)


After making a couple of other Danish dishes (red cabbage and meatballs) I found this recipe for Danish rice pudding on the same website. You can view their post here. Seeing as how I was making other Danish dishes, adding this one to the list seemed like a good idea. Plus, with the holidays coming up, I knew I could make it for some gathering.

I think this turned out well and tasted good to me. I never really got a reaction from others that ate it but no one complained that could tell. I did tweak it slightly and had a couple of hiccups.

For the tweak, I calls for vanilla sugar and makes a note that it is hard to find. I didn’t find it but I only went to my usual store. I was in a time crunch for going to the store and didn’t get to the other store I wanted to check. In its place I just used regular sugar. I’m sure the flavor was off but not knowing what it tasted like in the first place, I can’t make a comparison.

For the hiccups, all I can say is pay attention to the milk boiling and read the recipe carefully. I managed to burn a layer of milk in the big pot even before it boiled. Which then caused me to switch it to a smaller saucepan (one I wanted to use in the first place) and boom, it boiled fairly quickly. I had been trying to slowly boil it as the recipe stated. Either the pot was the wrong one to use or I was going to slow.

For reading the recipe, you need to whip the heavy cream. Here I am, thinking that it doesn’t make sense to pour the cream in as it (sure would be soupy) and right as I pour one cup in I decided to read the recipe again and, duh, you have to whip it. So I pour the mix into a strainer and strained out as much of the liquid as I could. I then made sure I had the proper 2 1/4 cups (maybe a tad bit more) and put it in the mixer to whip it up. Worked much better.

Maybe I shouldn’t have been cooking at 5 am but I was in no mood the night before. Anyways, for the almonds I used a cup of sliced almonds that I had rather than trying to coarse chop some on my own. I think it still worked.

To me, this was a pretty good dish. I don’t know that I’ll make it again as I might be the only one to eat it but it was a good effort.

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