Cinnamon Roll Turkeys


This was a quick, fun, little breakfast to make the morning of Thanksgiving. Not too terribly difficult to put together but, if you compare my picture to the picture found on the Pillsbury website, you will see why I never got an A in art class. That being said, I will say that I bet the ones on the website aren’t actually edible as they are probably made with random things to make it look perfect.

I did make some minor changes – using cut up M&Ms for the beak, frosting for the eyes. Also, I used some leftover bacon which could have been a little more cooked to make it firmer. I left the bacon cold to keep it firm but the first one I did still managed to fall over. And lastly, baking the rolls separated out, I felt caused them to brown more than they would have if they had been all in one pan smushed together.

But it was still fun. Oh, and since one person already asked, the pretzels are the toes. No, turkeys do not have 6 legs.

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