Apple Peel Bourbon


I had high hopes for this but I’m not sure it turned out the way it was supposed to. You can read the recipe here, but basically it is soaking apple peels and some spices in bourbon to flavor the bourbon. Since I do like my bourbon, I thought I would give it a try.

Now, I’ll admit that I didn’t taste the bourbon first to see what it tasted like as I had bought a different brand than I normally buy. So, I can’t say with any confidence that the taste was altered. Plus, the brand I did buy (Four Roses) was chosen mostly because of the price. If I was going to potentially “screw up” a bottle of bourbon, it certainly wasn’t going to be the expensive stuff.

Following the recipe, I left it soak for 5 full days, pulling the cinnamon and cloves out after two full days. Again, I don’t know that it really did anything. I didn’t taste a hint of apple or the spices.

But it is still drinkable. And, since I was just using the peels from the apples, I didn’t feel like I wasted a bunch of fruit.

Try it if you like. Maybe you’ll have better luck.

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