Spiced Pecans


I think I have posted about this before but cooking can be a vicious cycle. You find a recipe, buy the ingredients, make it and then have leftover ingredients that you bought specifically for that recipe. And without making that recipe again, you have to find another recipe that uses that ingredient. And around and around you go. That happened with these pecans, needing just a few and having to buy a 1 pound bag.

So I had to find another recipe to use pecans. Enter this recipe. I’m not sure how I stumbled across it but it was perfect as 1) it used only pecans and 2) I had everything I needed in order to make it. Problem solved. Pecans are used up and no extra ingredients needed.

And, considering the fact that you make these all in one pan, it was easy (and super quick) to pull together in an afternoon after work before ran off. In fact, I did these and some other stuff. Worked pretty well.

From a taste perspective these are pretty darn good. The spiciness isn’t apparent until after you get done chewing as it kind of sneaks up and hits you in the back of the throat. But it’s not that spicy. And, despite having not quite a full pound, it turned out well and there wasn’t a lot of extra sauce that caused any issues. All in all, a pretty good use of some pecans and a nice little appetizer/snack type dish to go with the holidays.

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