Overnight Apple French Toast


Admittedly, one of the reasons I had wanted to make this white bread recipe is that I had this recipe for overnight apple french toast. Well, in the beginning it wasn’t this recipe exactly but another recipe that I had found. Somehow that recipe was lost (too many open windows on the mobile device I guess) but since I was committed to making an apple french toast, I Googled it and settled on this recipe.

And actually, I wasn’t so much committed to making this recipe as I was committed to making something with apples. For another recipe (more on that later) I needed the peels from 1 1/2 pounds of apples so I needed a reason to use the apples. I had thought I was going to need to make multiple apple dishes to use up the apples but in the end there were only three apples so I just used them all here. Which was more than I needed and maybe was a little too much. It did turn out just fine but some of the apples were still crunchy. Less apples would have worked better.

For the bread, it called for 9 slices of french bread. I used 6 slices of my bread, plus one cut up to fill in some of the space in the 9×13 pan.

This turned out to be a fantastic breakfast although I think that it could have used a little more milk/egg mixture as the bread did dry out a bit. The bread wasn’t quite as thick as it had called for but if it had been thicker I think it may have been even dryer. What I think really made the dish was the syrup. I’ve got lots leftover and I think it is good enough to use on pancakes, waffles, toast, etc. If nothing else, I’ll save the syrup recipe for future use.

This was similar to another french toast recipe I make and that was exciting although it is not the same. The apples cooking down “ruin” the brown sugar/butter mixture on the bottom but it does result in a nice caramel apple type feel.

Oh and I did use some of my homemade apple sauce that I still had in the freezer. I’m not sure if that “made” the recipe of not but it was sure good. And it was a good use of the applesauce since it had been in there awhile.

Overall, this was really good. The kids didn’t race about it but my wife thought it was great.

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