Texas Peanut Butter Sheet Cake


When I first mentioned to people that I had made a Texas sheet cake with peanut butter,mother first thought was that I somehow swirled peanut butter into the regular chocolate sheet cake. But no, this recipe is a full on peanut butter cake with a peanut butter frosting. Hence the lighter color on both the cake and the frosting. In fact, this doesn’t even have any chocolate in it.

Making it was a little different as you were melting everything and combining it instead of just working it together with a mixer. But it came out nice and baked perfectly at 25 minutes, the lower end of the suggested time.

The only thing I did differently was that I may have added more powdered sugar than it called for. I’m not sure how much I put in exactly as I was eyeballing the amount from a larger bag that what it called for, but I also felt like I added more to get the right consistency. You’ll have to see how it goes for you. You need to get the frosting at the right consistency so it spreads well.

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