Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies


I made these on a complete whim over the weekend. We certainly didn’t need any extra food around the house, especially more desserts but I wanted to do something with the girls and I think I’m feeling a little pressure of all the recipes I have saved. I really need to stop finding and saving recipes. I do not have the time to make everything I find.

I first found this recipe on Facebook but was then able to locate it online (view it here). It is basically a sugar cookie that has a little bit of cream cheese in it.

These turned out very well and taste great. They are definitely nice and soft. I did have a little trouble with the first batch baking, leaving them in there for a total of 11 minutes (checking after 7 and 9 minutes) rather than then 7-10. The next one I did for 10 minutes straight. The last I also did for 10 minutes but I figured out my problem. I had been brushing the cookies with the egg white and putting sprinkles on before baking and clearly the recipe says to do that afterwards. Oops. So, the last batch was the best as I didn’t put the sprinkles on those at all.

Oh and they are in the shape of Mickey Mouse as that was the only cookie cutter I could find. I admit I didn’t look that hard. We probably have some somewhere but this one was the only one I found easily find. Well,except for the Halloween ones but we are passed that.

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