Frozen Themed Puppy Chow


Let it go! Let it go!

Having two girls, who both like the movie Frozen I figured I would need to make this at some point for them. When I first found it I thought it might be a little more involved to make it “themed” but in the end, all you do is put some silver and blue sprinkles on it. Which, don’t really stick to the powdered sugar so you wind up with a large pile on the bottom of the Tupperware container you store it in.

But it was fun to make with my 4 year old and the other kids that were over the next day enjoyed it so it was a good use of time.

Depending on what exactly you buy to make this it could be considered both gluten free and peanut free and it uses white chocolate and no peanut butter.

Check out the the recipe here.

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