Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Poppers


Jalapeño poppers are great by themselves but they can be made better. How?

Add bacon. Bacon makes everything better.

The inspiration for this came from this post. I say inspiration as I made one small tweak to the recipe (added a tablespoon of cumin) and then I baked them in the oven rather than smoking them.

Part of that reason was that I don’t have a true smoker and part was that it is getting cold enough that grilling (or smoking) with charcoal gets more difficult as the cold weather really saps the heat from the coals.

But, doing it in the oven worked well. I put them up on a wire rack with foil down on the rimmed pan to catch the grease. I did it for the same amount of time and temperature that it states in the post.

I did cut the recipe down, at least from the standpoint of how many jalapeños I bought. Even though we had people coming over, I realized that 15 jalapeños made 30 poppers which I felt was way too much. So I went with 7 larger jalapeños. I thought that the larger size might help make up for the quantity given that I didn’t reduce the amount of filling.

In the end I had about 2 cups of the cream cheese sausage mixture left over which meant I probably could have cut it in half. Lesson learned for next time. I also was able to wrap an entire piece of regular cut (not thick) bacon around each one. I always use a regular cut piece of bacon for this type of cooking as it will cook better (quicker) that a thick cut one. Which works well as I seem to have issues with it cooking well to begin with.

This worked out well. Definitely making them again.

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