Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Scones


This is it! The last use of that can of pumpkin. I hereby solemnly swear to not use a partial can again…..until I find a recipe I just have to make that requires less than a full can. Which I have my eye one…sigh.

Anyway, if there was one recipe I was going to make to use up the can, I’m glad I picked this one. These were great. To be honest they turned out to be a lot better than I expected them to be. Not that I thought they were going to be bad, just that it felt like it was just “another” scone recipe. Which may have been that I was feeling a little forced to make something to use up the pumpkin. And not that I wouldn’t have made this at some point anyway, just that I had to make something.

But enough of that. I think, actually, what really made these was the chocolate chips that are added in. And yes, I know that the words “chocolate chips” is in the title but it was still an unexpected twist when you bite into it. The only changes I made to this was that I may not have had a full 1/2 cup of pumpkin. I eyeballed what was left in the can and decided it was close enough. I was NOT opening another can. As such I also didn’t have any pumpkin to add to the glaze. In the end, I think it was better without it anyways. I did add a little bit (1/8 tsp??) of pumpkin spice to the glaze to maybe make up for the lack of actual pumpkin.

And I can’t really take full credit for making these. My 4 year old did most of the work, including helping to knead it and roll it out. Speaking of that I probably could have added a bit more flour while kneading it. It was still a little sticky and they didn’t hold their shape as I tried to move them from the counter to the pan. But they still tuned out okay. As I’ve said before, taste trumps appearance.

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