A while back I made a dish that called for chickpeas, a Spicy Shrimp with Quinoa Salad. Of course it didn’t call for the whole can, just a half cup so I have been left with this partial can of chickpeas. So what else do you do with chickpeas?

Other than just eating them, which I’m sure you can do you can also make hummus. I’m not a huge fan of hummus but it isn’t bad. Normally I don’t think I would have made any but since I’ve got the leftover chickpeas, why not? I Googled hummus recipes and found a bunch. Most of them were the same or at least included most of the same ingredients. I finally settled on this one. Can’t say why exactly but that’s what I picked. Maybe because it said it was easy.

In the end it turned out okay. It is not smooth but that is a result of the comedy of errors I seemed to go through to make this. First of all, to echo a previous post on using pumpkin, I feel like I’m now stuck in a cycle with these ingredients. I now have a rather large bottle of tahini that I need to use. Luckily this recipe, or other recipes, call for a whole can of chickpeas so making this again won’t result in leftover chickpeas. Plus there is a tahini dressing recipe on the bottle I want to try.

Anyway, back to this. The hummus didn’t turn out smooth based on the fact that the motor on my food processor burned up while making it. And when I say burned up,not here was smoke. Kind of a lot considering the size of the motor. I was nowhere near done making this so I transferred everything to a bowl and used my stick blender to mix it up. I thought about my regular blender but I sometimes have trouble with it as well and I wasn’t in the mood to dirty any more dishes.

The stick blender worked pretty well but never got it completely smooth. Even after having to do it a second time when I realized that I had forgotten to add the oil.

But, all in all, it wasn’t too bad. We don’t eat a lot of hummus in our house to begin with so I can’t see making this a lot but I do think I’ll make it a few more times to use up some of the tahini.

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