Pork Chops with Just Peachy Marinade/Glaze


Peaches are one of my favorite fruits, at least when it comes time to making a pie or a cobbler. So when I came across this recipe, which had a peach marinade, I figured I had to make it. But then I read the recipe and found out that it doesn’t really use peaches, at least in the traditional sense. It uses peach preserves. Still peaches but I had hoped for something with fresh peaches.

So the recipe “went on the shelf” so to speak and I focused on some other recipes. But eventually I’m going to make everything I have so I pulled this one out and made sure I had everything.

As far as a marinade goes, it was fairly easy to put together but you really need to mix up the preserves to even out the mix. I didn’t and there were still chunks in the bowl after I poured some off to go with the pork chops. I also made a mistake and added 3 tablespoons of Dijon mustard instead of just 2.

It threw the flavor off a bit but honestly, I didn’t get much flavor at all after the marinade and the basting I did with the sauce. Now, having some of the leftover pork chops later for lunch I could taste the marinade/glaze and it was a bit heavy on the mustard.

I realize that I screwed it up a bit but it was disappointing.

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