Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie Overnight Oats


Flipping my way through pumpkin related recipes I came across this one which at first sounded a bit weird but after reading through the recipe I felt it was something I should try. The concept of getting everything mixed together to then let it sit overnight was intriguing.

It was incredibly easy to put together and in the morning, I found what looked like an interesting concoction. It didn’t quite look as nice as the picture on the original recipe post. I added some extra chips and tried it. It wasn’t too bad but I then warmed it up and it was a lot better. Warming it up made the chocolate softer and, in my mind, better.

Unfortunately, I’m the only one that liked it. Both girls had a spoonful and didn’t complain but then didn’t want any more. And my wife just didn’t like it. But that’s okay. Not everyone has to like everything.

I made a few changes to the recipe when I tried it. In place of the almond butter I used a small packet of chocolate hazelnut butter that I had on hand. The only downside on that was that it probably was half of what it called for. And, I used regular (whole) milk in place of the almond milk. And I skipped the protein powder.

When I think about it more, this is basically oatmeal. You just let the flavors meld overnight and let it slowly work to the consistency of oatmeal. An interesting concept. I might have to see what other recipes I can find for overnight oats.

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