Pancake Mounds


I’m going to throw this out really quick as there isn’t a whole lot to say about it and not much special either. This was actually a result of a kitchen fail. Awhile back I had found a short little cooking concept that said to fill a muffin tin halfway full of pancake batter and bake it and it would create a little cup – it would creep up the sides of the pan as it baked. Kind of like a Dutch Baby.

So I figured I try it. I only tried it with four spots in the pan as I had to cut my recipe in half as I only had one egg in the house. And, sometimes people get grumpy if I don’t make “normal” pancakes.

Anyway, instead of making cups, it just baked up into this little mound. Which was cool looking, and tasted good, but not what I was going for. The concept I found didn’t say to use any special batter or anything so I’m not sure what happened (or didn’t happen) but it didn’t work.

Oh well.

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