Mexican Pulled Pork


On the Sunday of whichever weekend we are up at my grandma’s house we have a big family get together with 20+ people. It’s a potluck style with some kind of theme for the food so I’m not cooking everything. Although I do contribute something. This year the theme was Mexican and I was all set to just provide the toppings but then I remembered I had this recipe saved from someone in one of the food groups I belong to on Facebook. They didn’t name it “Mexican pulled pork” (in fact they didn’t name it anything) but since they were serving it with tortillas, salsas, etc. I thought it was an okay name to use.

This was a fantastic pulled pork. Super juicy, smelled awesome and had a great, unique taste. Even the leftovers a few days later were still fantastic.

I used a 10 pound bone in pork butt. It was a little more than I wanted but that was the only size the store had. It just fit in the crockpot. (Whew)

After putting it on the crockpot I sprinkled the following over the top of it —

1 tbsp cumin
1 tbsp oregano
1 tsp cinnamon

I poured a 12 oz can of Leinenkugel’s Original around the sides and shoved a bay leaf in it along with two medium jalapeños that I cut in half lengthwise and de-seeded. It cooked on low in the crockpot for around 12 hours.

In the morning I took the meat out along with the jalapeños and shredded it, removing the bone and the fat. I had dumped out the liquid so when I put the shredded meat back in the crockpot I added another beer. I pour it in slowly to make sure I wasn’t adding too much but the whole can went in without a problem.

It cooked on low for about another 1 1/2 hours and then I turned it to warm and left it sit for a few more hours until it was time for lunch. It was served with a variety of taco/burrito type toppings. When I did mine, I used some refried beans, salsa verde and queso fresco.

It was great. This is being saved for future use.

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