Country Ham and Breadcrumb Deviled Eggs


Quick qualification – until this point I had never made deviled eggs before. And after making these, I know why. They are very labor intensive and I don’t quite have the patience to sit there and do all the steps.

But, I had found a link on Yahoo! to some variations (6 total) on the standard deviled egg and it sounded interesting. You can view all 6 here. I will likely only make these as out of all of them they are the only ones that sounded good enough. Not that the others would be bad but just that they were not as interesting to me.

I decided that I was going to make these as well while at my grandma’s (thank goodness these could be made ahead of time – earlier in the day and saved – so I wasn’t going over board right before dinner was done). Since originally we were having 13 for dinner (which turned into 14) I had to figure out how many to make. And here is where I ran into some basic math problems.

We had about 13 people and there are 12 eggs in a dozen, right? And we want to give people the option of taking more than 1 egg, right? (See previous post of having more than enough food.) Therefore, I need 2 dozen eggs right? WRONG

It only occurred to me after I had cooked the eggs that each egg in fact makes 2 deviled eggs. So I was now on the path to make 48 not 24…………

So what do you do? Well, I could have saved some of the hard boiled eggs for a later use but I decided to just make them all. I was committed at that point. Plus, Sunday was the day when we would have many more people over and while deviled eggs didn’t quite match the cuisine of the day (Mexican) I figured people would eat them anyway.

So off we went. In the end, these are the same are regular eggs, you just add a little ham and some shredded Swiss cheese and top with toasted bread crumbs. It sounds like an off combination but they were actually really good. I mean, really good. Now, given the effort involved I can’t say that I’d make them again (or regular deviled eggs) but it was a good experience.

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