Spooky Boo Brownies


As Halloween is only a few short days away, I wanted to make sure I had all the holiday themed things I made posted before Halloween. It is not my nature to post this much at once (even if I have a backlog) nor do I prefer to post “out of order”. But enough about my posting habits.

This is another, fairly quick and easy, themed dessert/appetizer type of a dish for Halloween. This can be access on the Betty Crocker website, found here.

Simply make a pan of brownies according to package directions. I chose to go with the recipe and I made them in an 8×8 pan but you can do whatever works for you. It did take longer to bake that way. After it was baked and relatively cooled (I was in a hurry) I chose to cut them into 9 pieces. I put the marshmallows on top as a guide and 9 seemed to be a good amount.

You do need to be careful warming up the frosting. I only did 30 seconds but that was too long as it was super runny and I had to wait a bit for it to firm back up.

I also used a small type of black gel icing for the eyes. It worked well enough but I noticed on the few that hadn’t been eaten right away that the icing melted a bit and ran down the marshmallow.

These were good but brownies are pretty good by themselves. From my perspective, it’s a cut way to make some holiday themed treats and not something that “makes” the dish. But it was good.

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