Whole Wheat Biscuits (with Bacon, Sausage, Egg, Cheese, Bacon Gravy)


This past weekend we were at my grandma’s house for the weekend which meant that I was cooking the entire weekend. Which is fine and what I choose to do so my grandma doesn’t have to worry about it. It just means that I end up cooking a lot. We had 7 for breakfast, 8 for lunch, 14 for dinner, 8 for breakfast and 20+ for lunch. Luckily lunch the first day doesn’t count as I didn’t “cook” anything and lunch the second day is a potluck so I contributed but was not in charge.

But anyway, since we do this at least twice per year, I try to mix up the menu and make things that we haven’t had before. I realize that it wouldn’t matter much if we had the same thing since the visits are spread out but I still try.

So breakfast on Saturday morning was a “make your own sandwich” meal. I cooked bacon, made sausage patties, fried some eggs, cut up some cheese, made some bacon gravy and made whole wheat biscuits (from scratch).

Other than basking in the picture above of the sandwich I made, this post is really about the biscuits, and a little about the gravy.

When putting this meal plan together I decided that I would prefer to make biscuits from scratch rather than buying the store bought ones. And I wanted something a little different. So I searched for a whole wheat (or at least wheat) biscuit recipe and found this one, on the Food Network site from Danny Boone.

Making it was pretty easy. I had everything at home for the dry ingredients and just bought some butter and buttermilk at the store when I got up there. The only hard part was cutting in the butter as I was using two forks in the Tupperware dish I had put the dry ingredients. It mostly just took awhile to do. By the end my hand were tired.

Rolling it out proved a little difficult as it kept a sticking to everything and I was a little hesitant to just keep adding flour I didn’t want to throw off the recipe. In the end I got it patted down to about the right size. I elected to not use a rolling pin.

I got 16 biscuits out of it with a little left over. They were a little smaller than I had hoped but that was based on the size of my biscuit cutter (2 3/4″).

For the gravy, I wanted some gravy but want a different gravy. So I chose to use bacon rather than sausage. Honestly, I’m not sure exactly how this came together. The only thing I measured was the flour. I just pour some bacon grease into a pan, added 5 tablespoons of flour to make the roux and then added milk until it reached the consistency I was going for. I did have to add more milk than I thought and ended up with more gravy than planned but it was good. I chopped up some cooked bacon to throw in there for added bacon goodness.

I was a great meal. A little labor intensive trying to get all the options cooked up and on the table at the same time, but it worked out. Microwaves are great for reheating that which is no longer warm.

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