Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes


First things first – these really aren’t cupcakes. They are more like a mini pumpkin pie without a crust. Which I didn’t pay attention to until I was scooping the filling into the muffin tin. Not that I was upset about it but I failed to pay enough attention to the recipe to realize that I had basically made pumpkin pie filling.

Now, the recipe I used – Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes, called them cupcakes so I wanted to be true to that recipe. But it is not a cupcake that tastes like a pumpkin pie. Although that might be fun to try. Except I for see simply making pumpkin bread and baking it in a muffin tin. Which wouldn’t really be a cupcake either.

Anyways….bottom line these were still great no matter what you called them. And everyone that ate one loved it and didn’t care what it was called.

The only tweak I wound up making to this recipe was that I had bought a little can of evaporated milk because it only called for 3/4 of a cup and I didn’t want leftover evaporated milk. The can size looked like it could be about 3/4 of a cup. Well, it was 2/3 of a cup. So I added milk (whole milk to be exact) to make it reach 3/4 of a cup. I don’t think it made a difference.

Other than that, it was the same as putting any pumpkin pie together. Well, I’m assuming it was. I’ve never made a pumpkin pie. That is another thing that my wife is really good at and I just let her do it and don’t try to mess with it.

I did use the canned whipped cream for the topping, with some more pumpkin spice. Quick note on that – I took some to work, put the topping on all of them and let them sit. Well, it didn’t take too long and the topping melted. I’d say don’t put a topping on any until right before you eat it.

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