Soft Glazed Pumpkin Sugar Cookies


I feel like I’ve been slacking off a bit on making fall themed (pumpkin) dishes since it is about mid-October and I had only made one. So, this recipe was an easy pick in the pile of recipes to make next.

These were good, definitely soft as the name advertises, but not quite as awesome as I had thought they would be. Can say why exactly, just that I expected more. Maybe I expected more pumpkin flavor than what was there. However, it does only have 1/2 cup of pumpkin so it wouldn’t be a strong flavor.

The benefit to these was that they are easy to put together and bake. I’m not sure I had my butter quite as soft as I would have liked (there were little chunks of butter when mixed up with the other ingredients) but in the end it mixed in fine when the flour was added. Speaking of the flour, instead of mixing in the spices to the flour, I added one cup of flour to the bowl, let that mix and then added all the spices. I then added the other three cups of flour (one at a time) and let it mix thoroughly. I think that worked well, especially with sprinkling the spices in to let everything mix.

I did use a scoop to portion the cookies out but I’m not sure what size it was. Nothing was written on the scoop to tell me. But, I got about 3 1/2 dozen cookies so it may have been a little smaller than the one the recipe called for. I was fine with a smaller cookie (although when first making them I didn’t know it would be smaller than the recipe suggests) especially with the small glass cup I used to flatten the cookies. It was the perfect size to squish down each cookie. And definitely put sugar in the bottom of the glass, I tried it first without and it just made a mess with everything sticking.

As far as baking goes, you may need to bake these a little longer. The first pan that went in baked for the 8 minutes and came out fine. The second pan I added 2 minutes before I was satisfied. The third pan I kept at 8 minutes and it didn’t work. When trying to get them off the pan they didn’t hold their shape and were underdone. So much under done that I tossed some of them. I like my cookies underdone but these were bad. So the rest baked for 10 minutes.

The glaze worked nicely, although I ran out of it before covering all the cookies and I don’t know that the pumpkin spice is necessary. I realize why it is in there but a plain powdered sugar glaze would work just fine in my mind. Although the pumpkin spice did tint the glaze a little darker which added a visual element.

I think it is worth it to try these although I can’t say they are my favorite.

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