White Chocolate and Blueberry Baked French Toast


After spending two weeks on a business trip I am finally home and back in the swing of things for cooking although it took a few days to get back into it. And I had spread out the posts on the flurry of recipes I made before I left so it probably didn’t seem like it was actually gone. But anyway.

I like how in the blog post I got this recipe from, found here, that the French don’t call it “french toast” but rather “pain perdu” which means lost bread. Which makes sense if you are really using “lost” (old) bread to make it with. But I always find that I am buying bread specifically to make french toast so it’s never really old. Unless you count the fact that it usually takes a few days for me to make it so it is sort of “old”.

One thing I liked about this recipe was that while it was a french toast that you baked, you didn’t have to let it sit overnight. That made it easy to do from the standpoint of planning – no trying to figure it out in the schedule for the night before. Then again, simply getting up in the morning and putting it in the oven would have been nice. But it worked out.

I made a few changes to the recipe, the main one being that I used an Italian bread rather than the challah it called for. Which worked out fine. And the recipe did say that you could use other types of bread. The store didn’t have any challah and I was going to be lazy and not search other stores so I settled on the loaf of Italian. And it was a little more than the one pound it called for so I simply cut it so it weighed out correctly.

The other changes were that I used white chocolate chips for the chocolate and I never measured out the blueberries, I just used 4 (6 oz) containers. It seemed like about the right amount but looked like a lot in the pan. With the chocolate, using the chips required no chopping although the ones sprinkled on top never seemed to melt. But it was okay.

Bottom line, this was fantastic. The combination of chocolate with the french toast did seem a little odd, especially with the blueberries, but it worked out just fine. Definitely a make again recipe.

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